About Us

I often find "What do you do for a living?" a difficult question to answer in a social environment. The expectation of  simple answer is usually met with brief pause from me, then followed by a series of seemingly random examples.

I will usually end it with something like "We provide technical solutions for our clients in a wide array of situations, locations and industries".  This reply can mean vastly different things to different people. It all sounds vague and complicated, but it isnt. Fortunately, I'm much better at acheiving a high  level of simplicity in the delivery of chosen field of work, than I am at explaining it.

Clockwork Media Australia originated as an Audio Visual production company, incorporating sound, lighting and vision. As these technologies merged deeper with computers and networking, our IT and network skills quickly became  a highly valued asset. 

With the demand for recording and editing of events and conferences grew,  the technology in the multimedia and IT space advanced to allow multi-room recording systems over network infrastructure to be possible, very similar to how CCTV systems work. Given how the technologies overlappeed, CCTV and webstreaming were the next natural directions. This broad technical spectrum and years of live show delivery allows us to be flexible enough to cater to the creative elements in a production or installation. It also gives us the ability to provide a multitide of end to end solutions for our clients. 

Our clients vary greatly,  whether it be a national sporting club which requires a sound system,  large display screens along with the capability of streaming high quality competition content to Facebook live,  a school in need of a discreet CCTV system for asset protection, or a multi-day conference that needs to capture, edit and deliver its presenters content online. 

Whether it is for a one off event or a permanent installation, we are able to design solutions to deliver the required result. The core technology is the same, it's way we apply it to suit our clients circumstances and desired outcomes that changes. Every new client presents a new challenge, a new opportunity to think outside the square. 

It's not about what we do, it's about what you need.