About Us

Dan Briggs began his journey in Audiovisual Productions as young DJ in the 80s, working both in mobile and club venues. This also led to a period of live band audio production. In the early 90s he ran a business involved in dj equipment hire and nightclub installations, and this led to and interest lighting production.

During the late 90s and early 2000s he worked as a corporate audiovisual technician, building great relationships with clientele and industry heavyweights.

In 2003 Clockwork Media Australia was born.

Clockwork Media’s founding policy was quite simple “If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it”. Along the way Clockwork picked up many talented and experienced cohorts and mentored others into the industry.

For a decade Clockwork would put on the suit and tie to be the corporate professional during conferences and high end dinner events, then take the toys out to play after hours. This led to being one of the leaders in the Victorian music festival scene, both in the CBD venues and at large outdoor events. Many of the lighting techniques and styles developed in that time are now seen at similar events on a reqular basis.

Having the need for some more family oriented time, Dan then ran the multimedia department Victorias largest convention centre. Over the years he developed the department from a simple operation to being able to capture, edit and stream a wide variety of recordings and other products for its clients. At this time an interest in computer networking, vision webstreaming and CCTV led Dan to obtain the required qualifications for security systems installations.

Dan is now once again firmly at the wheel of Clockwork and eager to use all of the skills and resources he has to provide bespoke solutions for his clients. He is ready to “enjoy it” once again.